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The ME Zipwelder is on the forefront of strip joining technology and is clearly the world’s most technically advanced shear welder. This fully automatic welding machine was developed with the intention of reducing operator involvement and increasing Mill up-time by reducing weld failures.

A patented process makes coil joining easy and efficient. We recommend the ME Zipwelder for coils upto 1500mm wide and from 0.15 to 19 mm thick. Both coil ends are initially clamped, sheared simultaneously, then automatically indexed to proper welding position and welded. Guild’s exclusive adjustable weld gap control permits the operator to pre-select the correct gap for the material being welded.

The ME Zipwelder was designed for use on either start/stop or continuous lines for welding a wide range of alloys including stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. Save time and money while increasing worker safety with a Guild ME Zipwelder on your strip processing line.


The ME Zipwelder utilizes the most advanced welding methods available including Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.) and Metallic Inert Gas (M.I.G.). This Zipwelder was engineered to join coil ends on many different process lines such as:

The ME Zipwelder was designed and built to provide a fast, accurate means of automatically joining coils on all types of strip processing lines. This not only increases line productivity, but also eliminates the hazardous manual feeding of new coils into your operating line.